A few things about Swelter Sounds

Why not just start a band?

The idea behind Swelter Sounds is to encompass all of the music projects I’m involved in. I’ve been recording since 2010, and I would love to share some of what I’ve learned along the way. Starting a band wouldn’t give me the ability to share content outside of  the music, and starting a recording studio would be disingenuous. About 90 percent of my recordings revolve around personal projects, as I’m employed full time as a database developer. I mostly like to use recording as a way to create something of my own.

So, you’re not a recording studio?

I’m definitely looking to expand my portfolio of bands. I would love to get into mixing bands all across the country, and I hope this blog can help with building connections. I just don’t want to put off the idea that I’m a full time studio with the main goal of making money recording other bands. I really want to focus on the content.

What kind of content will you create?

I would like to state now that I hope the answer to this changes over time. I definitely don’t want to be a stale ‘how-to’ series for the most basic areas of recording, but I also think I could help up-and-comers get started. I really see this blog and my youtube channel being a place full of content that a sixteen year old version of myself would have loved. A lot of the content, of course, will be my personal music projects. I’d love to see a few more hits on my hardcore bands playlist, and if some tutorial based content helps with that, so be it! I’ll definitely focus on home recording, reaper, and pop-punk/metal, as those are the things that I love. I’d like to get into the tech side of the business, possibly reviewing products etc. Basically, anything I find interesting that’s related to the recording process. One of the main things I’m excited to do with this channel is to really dissect the music that I create. I want to finish an album, mix, master, make videos, and then be able to go back to square one and show how I got the bass tone I ended up with. I just know that I love learning from other producers, and hopefully some of you can learn from me.

Anything else we should know?

I’ll have my logo finished Wednesday, and I’ll be putting up my first youtube video this weekend. I’m excited for the future, and I hope this takes off!


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