Opt Out: The Cherokee EP

A catchier title for the Cherokee EP would probably be ‘Reminisce’…

Cherokee was a hardcore band in Columbus, Georgia created by Will Christian. Since 2009, I’ve been recording and producing songs for Cherokee. Will hit me up to record a song, on average, about every six months from the time I started high school into my junior year of College. Given the span of recording time and my personal mixing abilities (or lack thereof), the Cherokee recordings vary pretty greatly in sound quality. It never really made sense to put them on an EP, so for the most part, they’ve been chilling in our personal dropboxes.

As those of you interested enough to be reading this probably know,

some of those Cherokee songs were really, really good. I wasn’t in the band back then, but I get them stuck in my head to this day. We originally wanted to record one or two Cherokee songs as B-Sides to ‘Out of Bounds’, but we were too excited to release the album at the time. After some discussion, Will and I have decided to pick five of our favorite Cherokee songs and create an EP as Opt Out. The goal is to bring the songs to life given our vastly improved skill sets, an record them all at once to get consistent mixes for an EP.

Remember kids, it takes some bad mixes to get good mixes.

I’ll provide some proof. The following mixes are old as time itself, but I thought I’d give you guys a glimpse of the past and a setlist of what will be on the EP. In the new versions, we’ll be using live drums and 5150’s, so expect the Cherokee you know and love to hit harder than ever. Though we don’t have a release date for the EP, I’m stoked to write the final post comparing the mixes. Hope you guys are excited!

Cherokee – Time Trials

Cherokee – The Vicious Cycle

Cherokee – Cardiac Arrest


Cherokee – Soul Split


Cherokee – Reminisce

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