Opt Out – Cherokee EP Update


Back in June, Will and I announced our intention to do an EP.  Shortly after writing that blog post, we began going over all the old songs. There were a few that I really wanted to do that didn’t make the cut, and Steve (bass) and James (drums) also had different favorites. Given the fact that we’ve never made a musical deadline in our lives, we decided to go ahead and record a full album with all 11 Cherokee songs. This is the biggest project either of us has ever been a part of, and it’s taking about as much time as you would imagine. To give an idea of how our studio time is spent, we made a short little YouTube video for you guys.

#optoutga progress.

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Album Status

At the time of this post, all drums and guitars are done. Drums have been time aligned (estimated 20+ hours went into this). Guitars are tracked. I threw down a quick bass track on one song to play around with Brian Hood’s method for getting heavy bass. We’ve recorded vocals for about two and a half songs. That leaves us with… A lot of work to go!

If anyone wants me to go any further in depth, please leave a comment so we can show you whatever you want to see. I want this album to be as open as possible from a production standpoint, I’m just not sure what you guys would think is interesting.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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