Kickstand – Yellow EP (2017)

Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Mastering

I did everything on this album except writing the final drum parts and some keys AJ played. It took me a year and a half, but I’m pretty proud of the result.


Opt Out – Out of Bounds (2016)

Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Ninety percent of this EP was recorded in a closet at my old apartment. I played a role in tracking guitars and programming drums along with Will Christian. I also trackedbass on this record, and even did some background vocals here and there. Lead Vocals by Will Christian. This was also the last project I recorded in Pro Tools.

“Sounds epic. I remember listening to customer mixes ten years ago. There was some great stuff but the quality of your guys mixes these days is mind blowing. Seth, this sounds insanely good man.” – Steven Slate